Friday, 23 June 2017

It's raining at The Elephants Nest

Don't you hate it when you plan to spend the day building a new Chook fence and surrounds for the grey water system and you wake up to rain !

I love rain I really do and anyone reading this who is a gardener will understand .

So a change of plans .

I think if I can get the measurements for the panels we can build a couple and fit them when the rain eases.

We are attempting to make a fence that doesn't need to be dug in as the ground here is extremely rocky.

Mind you we could plant sticks and they'd grow as the beautiful volcanic soil lends itself to growth it's just the rocks that come with it that's the problem .

This is the beginning of our grey water filtration system.

One bath will hold a worm farm, one scoria with reed plants and the final one the holding tank..

Today we hope to add the drainage pipes and begin closing the underneath in.

Then I'll plant around them to make them more attractive.

These old sheds are being turned into a chicken house and a duck house.

We have a smaller chicken run at the front of the house but as  our poultry numbers have grown have decided to leave the front pen for nesting Mums and their ducklings or chickens.
Today we're hoping to begin fencing it properly as we've had Mr Fox hanging around and we don't want our poultry to become his dinner .

It all looks a bit messy now but once it's fenced and I plant some trees and shrubs around it that will change .

Well the rain cleared and we did a tonne of work but didn't even touch the greywater system .

Perhaps that can be next weekends project ?

Here are a couple of pictures of what we did do.

Keeping in mind it's about reusing and recycling don't expect any of it to look brand new ( except the uprights in the chicken run.

We still need a few pieces of tin to finish the fence and we need to make a door .

Next weekend should see that job completed .



Some time back I purchased two trailer loads of pavers for $30 knowing I'd find a use for them .

This is the beginning of that usage.

We still have all of these pavers left so I'm hoping to extend the path around to the orchard and have an area for the bins to sit on too.

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