Thursday, 9 March 2017

Day three

The following post is from  13th December 2015.

Home !

I've waited so long to be home.

Back with our family and friends and out of the relentless heat of The Pilbara.

Don't get me wrong North West Western Australia is ruggedly beautiful and every Australian should go there if only for a visit.

I've been in every state of Australia and they all have something unique to see but Victoria holds our family and lifelong friends.

This is our third full day at home. My back , arms and legs have muscles I'd forgotten about but as I roll into bed at night happily exhausted I'm excited for the new day .

My body sinks into the softness of our bed and whispers there, there it's alright rest now....My feet haven't worn shoes for weeks and the leather of my Rossi's that keep my tootsies safe while working outside have made my poor old feet ache ( toughen up feet we've got a long way to go)

We've woken to the early morning warbling of magpies while sheep and cows call across the way to the otherwise still of the dawn.

We've mowed and mowed and whipper snipped the house yard and our weeds look much more appealing.

We've discussed the need for sheep for the paddock and our chicken pen lies flat packed waiting for us to assemble it and retrieve our chickens that are being reared by three different friends.

My hands are dry and sore despite the copious amounts of lotion I've applied .
It's all the dirt, dust from gardening and also from the unpacking.

Box after box are deposited on the veranda .

We rummage through trying to find this or that.

Yesterday we had morning tea with one of our boys and our two daughters and a variety of spouses PLUS eight of our grandchildren .

What a joyous noise we make .

Today our eldest boy arrives as he had to work yesterday and missed the festivities.

I'm sitting here in my pjs and knitted slippers ( cold feet now there's a new experience)

Picture hooks now where did I see them???

Have an awesome day.

ps I've booked a flight to Kalgoorlie as our Annie dog has been sighted several times by is too scared to approach anyone. So I'll spend 5/6 hours on a plane tomorrow and hopefully she'll come to me.....stay tuned ..


  1. Well good on you Katrina. You have your blog up and running now. As time goes on you can add to your sidebar and add other bits and pieces as well but you have done the basic part so well done. It was worth all that drama :-)

  2. Would love to follow your journey via email but you dont have a subscription tab to sign up to so we can follow your wonderful journey

  3. Likewise, I would love to follow your blog but need a subscribe by email button

  4. P.S. Did you find your dog Annie?

  5. I wish you all the best with your blog, Katrina. Having followed much of your relocation on the forum, I know it's a great tale of perseverance and vision.

  6. I keep coming back to see updates - keep s all informed. I feel like we have been with you in this waiting and expectation via the old forum. I guess it will take a little while for the reality to sink in a a rhythm to emerge.